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Exploring Handwriting Through Scripture

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Exploring Handwriting Through Scripture
Super Successful Cursive

Have you ever desired that your children learn more than one subject at a time? How about learning God's Word through handwriting?

His Story Handwriting™ and Memory Master Books™ makes this possible. Your children can learn to write in cursive while learning about God and His Word!

This book is an excellent resource for learning and practicing print as well as doing copywork. While your students learn and practice cursive, they will also be learning God's Word. You can also use the Scripture in this book as a memorization tool.

Exploring Handwriting Through Scripture is strategically designed to make your student successful. At the beginning of the book the student masters their cursive by tracing the Scripture provided. Then the book gradually removes tracing so your student can successfully write independently using the correct sized writing lines provided in the book.

GREAT VALUE: Our books have more pages upon which to practice cursive and copywork than any handwriting book we have ever seen. This makes our books, page for page, less expensive than any other handwriting or copywork books on the market and with much more content for the student to explore.

From learning great penmanship to Charlotte Mason style copywork, as well as Classical Conversations and other classical memorization teaching methods, His Story Handwriting™ and Memory Master Books™ are a must!

Welcome Letter
Table of Contents
Practice Pages
Sample of the first two pages of Genesis 1:1-2:4
Sample of Ephesians 6:1-3

*Note: We have noticed that some of the writing lines on the online PDF samples do not look smooth. However, in print they are.

Format: Softcover, Spiral Bound
Number of Pages: 113
Publication Date: July 2014
Publisher: Christian Soul Food™

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